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This site is an archive of my work from 1966 to the present. While it is not an absolute record it is the best I have for my production over these years. It is continually being extended when I produce new works or find records of old ones. Currently it amounts to more than 1200 works. The images are organised by decade and in addition there is a section on Digital Paintings and on Interaction works done with composers and poets


Born in Glasgow in 1944. Studied at Glasgow School of Art 1962-66, graduating in Drawing and Painting.
21 solo exhibitions in Britain, Germany and The Netherlands
121 group exhibitions in Britain, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Canada, Spain and Poland.


My painting has been based on ideas derived from science and technology since the early 1970s. This came about by trying to build up the complexity of my then abstract paintings. I did not want a too recognisable image and so I used visuals based on printed circuit boards. See Illogical Computer . By the mid 70s I laid the circuit boards down to produce perspective views as in “Flight over the Electric City”.

During the 80s as a member of the Open Circle Group I produced a number of works with composers and writers which we called “Interaction”. I have recently returned to this concept producing works such as Shake Yer Wig” to the work of Jazz guitarist Jim Mullen. In the late 80s I produced a number of bas relief works which were limited in size because of the techniques I was using and they were fragile enough to give a transport problem. See "Witness"

This was overcome in 1990 by realising that acrylic paint would allow me to work in the round and then stretch the work to produce a flat piece. See Screen II.  This coincided with a move in my ideas which became based more on the biological sciences.

In the 2000s my work started in the biological vein but after buying a computer in 2003 moved to include my Electric City images. This also was the start of my digital Painting which has moved from a sketching method to become a main part of my image output.

 Scottish Painting

As a Scottish artist I have been involved in a number of artists cooperatives and was a founding member of the Scottish Artists Union. When I left Glasgow School of Art in the 1960s there were few private gallery spaces available in the city. that has now changed dramatically. Galleries seem to be breeding in this town.
Back in the 70s I remember trying to persuade the organiser of a Munich artists cooperative to do an exchange exhibition with a Glasgow group and was told that she could understand Glasgow artists wanting to show in Germany but why would German artists want to exhibit in Glasgow. This too has changed and many artists from around the world are happy to exhibit here.

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