This is an attempt to help those of you who have limited drawing skills or are still stuck with “meeces”. The mouse is a poor drawing tool and I would suggest that you get a tablet and pen as soon as possible. Here are some samples that you can fill in yourself even if all you have is a mouse. The enlargements are displayed at 400 pixels but if you download it you will find it is a 1000 pixel image. That is enough to fill a computer screen or print out to A5 size. Most painting or photo editing programs will let you do some painting. My prefered program is Project Dogwaffle which you can get a free copy at   and many other sites. Or you can print them out and get going with the crayons 
blacksun_small.jpg circuitry2_small.jpg dewdrop_small.jpg distortions_small.jpg dragonseed_small.jpg eagle_small.jpg electriccatwithfreemouse_small.jpg
electricduck_small.jpg explodingair_small.jpg flightovertheelectriccity_small.jpg flyby_small.jpg growyourownandroid_small.jpg inapigseye_small.jpg insigniaforanengineer_small.jpg
radiant_small.jpg ripoff_small.jpg scanner_small.jpg smallbird_small.jpg smallfrustrations_small.jpg spinoff_small.jpg wingit_small.jpg

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