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The artistic benifit of working in the Open Circle group was the production of works with writers
and composers  which  we called Interaction. In 1989  Adrian  Finnerty, John Maxwell Geddes,
Ewan MacVicar and myself  mounted an  exhibition at  the  Step Gallery, Edinburgh as part of
the Festival of Science and  Technology.   Most of  the works here  had  their beginnings in our 
work for this exhibition.     The Interaction method was for one creator to take a work in another 
discipline and produce a work to it.     The resulting production being exhibited together. Often 
I took works  that  had  been  created  to  my  paintings  and  combined these into a new work.
Thus works were produced serially over a number of years.

Menhir 94 2

Menhir Poem & Music 56x178x5cm Acrylic on Canvas over a sound system 1994.
Music By John Maxwell Geddes Poem By Ewan McVicar
This work was the culmination of a series of "Interactions" over a 6 year period. 
The original painting Menhir I produced in 1986.

Below are a series of works which have Interaction variations.
 Each work links to a page of  the work. The music will start on entry if using Internet Explorer.
If using a Dail Up connection it may take a minute or so for the music to download.
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.87 Moonlight        Glass Castle II op       89 Night Liftoff

 Moonlight  1987                            Glass Castle II  1983                             Night Liftoff1989 

86 Menhir op         90_Gold_ Circuit_ II_ op         88 Strata Shift op   

Menhir                                            Gold Circuit                                        Strata Shift


89 Stereo Stereo Acrylic on Board Wheatstone Viewer
Stereo Stereo Acrylic on Board Wheatstone Viewer