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Glass Castle II A2 Watercolour on Paper 1983
Music by John Maxwell Geddes

Glass Castle EW Poem 2 en2

Glass Castle  Poem by Ewan MacVicar

     Glass Castle Poem .

Glass Castle Poem A3 Acrylic on Paper by Ken Palmer1990


Glass Castle III
Glass Castle III 75x100cm Acrylic & Oil on Canvas 90

89 Glass Castle Wheatstone Viewer 


How A Wheatstone Viewer Works

How a Wheatstone Viewer Works

The Wheatsone viewer is the simplest stereoscopic system. You could make one in an hour or so with
a couple of small mirrors , a cardboard box and some sticky tape. This piece above is slightly different
 as instead of a stereo pair I used the poem By Ewan McVicar fed into the left eye and a small painting
fed into the right eye. So the work mixes the two images inside the viewers brain. This cannot be shown
here but the illustration below gives some idea of what is viewed. This piece was an Interaction work
 and the speakers played music composed by John Maxwell Geddes for this painting.

     Glass Castle EW Poem 2 en2-H300                Glass Castle II-H300
 Left Eye                                                                                                          Right Eye


Glass Castle EW Poem Mix