aquaticgrowth35x45cmacryliconpaper_small.jpg biogemsforandroids49x49cmacryliconcanvas_small.jpg bluegapa2acryliconpaper_small.jpg bluebirdsandwindmillsa6acryliconpaper_small.jpg buddingtime45x80cmacryliconcanvas_small.jpg collisiona2acryliconpaper_small.jpg
dimensionalinstability35x55cmacryliconpaper_small.jpg flora8x11cmthermoprint_small.jpg floralredacryliconpaper_small.jpg flyingfish56x37cmacryliconpaper_small.jpg fracturesa6acryliconpaper_small.jpg holidayfortreehoppers7x10thermoprint_small.jpg
insectbluesa6acryliconpaper_small.jpg modifiedthistlea2acryliconpaper_small.jpg moneytreea5acryliconpaper_small.jpg moongrabber40x50cmacryliconcanvas_small.jpg moreyellowscreamers48x36cmacrylic_small.jpg morningonthemountain50x38cmacrylic_small.jpg
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In the 2000s my work initially continued in the biological vein. More recently I have been returning to the
Electric City concepts. Partly the reason for this is buying a computer in 2003. One of the first things I did 
was to transfer my catalogue of paintings onto disc. Reviewing my whole opus perhaps moved me in that direction.

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