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This section only covers part of the 1960s since I did not complete my studies until 1966. On leaving Glasgow School of Art in 1966 I realised that I had learnt little technique and no philosophy of painting.I therefore set myself a program of ammending these lacks. This was encouraged by the fact that along with Rolf Neilsen I had booked a show for January 1967 and I was determined not to have any art school work in the exhibition. I started on the program of coming in from work and painting every night for about four or five hours which lasted until I gave up paid employment in 1986. In my quest to impove my painting technique I was fortunate in having Charlie Boyle as a neighbour.. Charlie was a contemporary at art school but had served his apprenticeship as a painter and decorator before going there. I will always be grateful for the advice he gave me at this time. To see a sample of his work click here.

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