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thinker76x102cmoiloncanvas_small.jpg assistanttofutilitya4wcolouronpaper_small.jpg blueinvasion50x33cmwcolouronpaper_small.jpg blueirritations02x76cmoiloncanvas_small.jpg celldivision90x122cmoilonboard_small.jpg escapingthebox76x102cmacryliconcanvas_small.jpg
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By the end of the 1960s I had participated in 3 exhibitions with friends but found that my work was unsaleable. I felt that the future looked bleak. There were few places to exhibit in Glasgow and to buy space  when there was no return seemed a waste of time and effort. On the positive side I had acheived a imporvement in my painting technique which is the task I had set myself on leaving Glasgow School. of Art.

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