bigmover76x50cmoilonboard_small.jpg circles60x70cmmixedmediaoncanvas_small.jpg germination34x40cmwcolouronpaper_small.jpg lifebringer38x51cmwcolouronpaper_small.jpg pardisebirda2wcolouronpaper_small.jpg redheada1wcolouronpaper_small.jpg
viracocha39x33cmwcolouronpaper_small.jpg viricochaii76x102cmacryliconcanvas_small.jpg whitedress76x50cmacrylicoilonboard_small.jpg dtriangleacryliconcanvas_small.jpg auroraa2wcolouronpaper_small.jpg bluesa2wcolouronpaper_small.jpg
bzzza6oiloncanvas_small.jpg coolantforsmallorganisms33x53cmacryliconpaper_small.jpg embryoa2wcolouronpaper_small.jpg floralmechanics26x36cmmixedmediaoncard_small.jpg glyphsa1wcolouronpaper_small.jpg illlogicalcomputera2wcolouronpaper_small.jpg
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In the early 1970s my painting was based on ideas derived from science and technology. This came about by trying to build up the complexity of my then abstract paintings. I did not want a too recognisable image and so I used visuals based on printed circuit boards. By the mid 1970s I laid the circuit boards down to produce perspective views. I called these works my Electric City series and have been using this idea off and on for the past 30 years.

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