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fracturedsky170x240cmacryliconcanvas_small.jpg fromtheinsidelookingoutwcolouronpaper_small.jpg glasscastleiii75x100cmacrylicoiloncanvas_small.jpg glasscastlepoema3acryliconpaper_small.jpg goldcircuitiia1acryliconpaper_small.jpg ireckona2acryliconpaper_small.jpg
icedcircuita2acryliconpaper_small.jpg intothebluewithascii75x75cmacryliconboards_small.jpg lastwitnessa2acryliconpaper_small.jpg lightwing76x90cmacrylicoiloncanvas_small.jpg neuroticrobotrevisiteda1acryliconpaper_small.jpg newdawna2acryliconpaper_small.jpg
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During the 1990s my work took an important turn. In the late 80s I produced a number of bas relief works which were limited in size because of the techniques I was using and they were fragile enough to give a transport problem. This was overcome in 1990 by realising that acrylic paint would allow me to work in the round and then stretch the work to produce a flat piece. This coincided with a move in my ideas which became based more on the biological sciences.

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